what does your spirit eat?
does it feed energetically
digesting what it hears
absorbing through eyes
or rotting in minds
from the filth we’ve seen
+ things spoken over us


“flat tummy tea” your brain
+ purge, try it
put your life on an energy diet
filter the environments
you lay, stay, + play in
take vitamins
of truth + chew
swallow them slow
to protect you from you
not paying attention
its detrimental + it has symptoms
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comparison inconsolable
urges uncontrollable
delusions + time wasted
“going through the motions” + “faking it”
always tired
there are deficiencies in your diet
when was the last time you were inspired?
to invest in some feat
to sit down in a space + breath in peace
to curate a routine
of monitoring habits
to discover what’s making you sick
+ tired of being silent
you can keep quiet but try it
put your life on an energy diet